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    Beware of fake ghd websites

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    • Find out how to spot fake ghd websites

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    Spotting Fake GHD Straighteners & Fake GHD Websites

    All customers should show extra caution when purchasing ghd straighteners, as a lot of people are trying to pass off the fake ghd straighteners as genuine ghd straighteners. There is sometimes very little to differentiate in appearance, genuine ghd straighteners to ghd fakes. The fake ghd straighteners can include authentic looking ghd packaging and a ghd hologram that are visible on the appliance.

    I have a straightener, so how do I tell if it’s genuine?

    Many of the fake ghd websites offer their straighteners at a substantial price reduction compared to the genuine ghd websites.

    I am looking on ebay and want to get my ghd straightener from there, how can I see if it’s from genuine ghd retailers?

    A large proportion of fake and counterfeit straighteners (such as the Mark 4) are sold through fake ghd websites and online auction sites like eBay. If you feel that the price is very good and less than the general market price then it is likely to be a fake ghd hair straightener and an indication of a poor quality straightener.

    People trying to sell these fake ghd hair straighteners will try and hook you in by saying that the products has its holograms and security seals, but this alone does not mean that it is a genuine ghd straightener.

    Also look at who you are buying from, if you are buying from someone based in Hong Kong that is shipping from there then that is also likely to be a fake ghd.

    The best way to be sure that you are getting a genuine ghd straightener is to look on the official ghd site and buy from the ghd genuine retailers, of which we only compare on this site!

    What do I do? I have just bought a mark 4 straightener on eBay and it seems fake?

    There are a number of steps you should immediately concentrate on such as:

    You should also subsequently notify ghd here of this forgery and they will take action against the eBay seller.

    The bad news is that the ghd straightener you have is not under any kind of guarantee as it is not a genuine product.

    Known Counterfeit Sites

    In conjuction with ghdhair.com - the Official ghd site

        The above websites have been marked as counterfeit by ghd. ghd & compare-ghd.com recommend that you do not buy from these sites.

        compare-ghd.com works constantly with ghd to ensure this list is constantly updated.