How Can I Tell if My GHD Straightners Are Real?

Did you know that there was a huge market out there for counterfeit GHD stylers? Surprising as it may be, fake GHD straightners have become quite a problem in the last couple of years. They look just like the real thing, but aren’t.

Fake stylers bring about a whole slew of problems. For one, they are dangerous and can malfunction quite easily. Additionally, fake GHD straightners are not covered by the 2-year guarantee. So, if you have bought a fake, chances are you won’t be able to get it repaired under the guarantee and you would have lost a considerable amount of money.

That being said are you wondering, “How can I tell if my GHD straightners are fake?” Well, don’t worry. We’re going to let you in on a little secret, which every GHD client should know about.

If you have already made a purchase and think that your GHD straightner might be a fake, just go right to the GHD website and register it online. The screen instructions are easy to follow and you’ll quickly know if your GHD is genuine or not. Just be sure to input the details accurately to avoid mistakes!

If you haven’t already made a purchase, take advantage of the GHD website checker. This nifty little tool will tell you if the website you want to order from is an official GHD stockist or not.

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